• A for August and Açaí

    01 Aug , 2018
    I've worked for two years developing Helio products and the culmination of all my work is our new açaí bowl. This is the world's only keto friendly açaí bowl. That means we've limited the sugar, and overcompensated the healthy fats, upped the vegan protein, and deliberately included insoluble gut cleansing fiber.


  • 200 Years of Progress

    07 Aug , 2017

    Life is good, and it's getting better. Experience the growth of humanity represented as the story of 100 people below. Fascinating and inspiring. Information and graphs taken from OurWorldInData.org.       Stay positive.


  • Why The Switch to "Today"

    25 Apr , 2017

    Today is a powerful word. It represents the only time that ever exists (present tense). It is never truly yesterday, and it is never truly tomorrow. It is always Today, and Today is all there is.We are on a quest to become and to stay relevant. To enter and to impact many lives. And the only way we will accomplish that is with exceptional products, exceptional service, and with relevant...