Why The Switch to "Today"

25 Apr , 2017

Today is a powerful word. It represents the only time that ever exists (present tense).

It is never truly yesterday, and it is never truly tomorrow. It is always Today, and Today is all there is.

We are on a quest to become and to stay relevant. To enter and to impact many lives. And the only way we will accomplish that is with exceptional products, exceptional service, and with relevant thinking.

Today is all about those three things. Today is the best time to innovate. Today is the best time to provide service. And Today is the only time for relevant thinking; otherwise we're planning or we're dwelling - neither of which are fully real.

We've chosen to embrace Today, because Today is never guaranteed. Every time we get a Today, it is an opportunity to triumph.

Helio Food Company is how we started, but it didn't embody the full intention of Helio. It was instrumental in pioneering what is now a for profit business - and we had to let the market know that Helio is a business. Business is instrumental to progress. Money is ammunition, and we're fighting a war against entities with massive stores of ammunition.

The breakfast war is on, and we are going to fight it Today; everyday.

But, in a world where wars sometimes never end, Today can represent more than the fight and the cause. It can represent enjoyment. It can represent the joy of the work, and the passion of the cause, and the fun included in the journey.

So, Today, to me, is a fresh start in the middle of a complex past and an unknown future.

The beauty of it is that Today happens everyday and everyday is a new Today.


Let the past accumulate, and let the future be discovered, but never neglect Today; for it's really all you ever get to experience.

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