We started Helio in 2016 with an idea to make the ultimate breakfast. That's literally what we called it.

Supplements are one thing, but performance enhancing food was pretty much unheard of, and seemed like a new frontier. We wanted to make a meal that would be a joy to wake up to.

The food that we break our longest fast of the day with is important.

We wanted fat for cognition, protein for lean muscle, fiber for healthy digestion, and superfoods for the myriad of benefits that they provide.

From the beginning our intention was to never use an animal product. Supplying our customers with food is a big responsibility. Food is one of the few pillars that we all share. We made a commitment to source from trusted partners, and to use 100% plant ingredients to minimize our environmental footprint.

As we grew out of idea and into business, we became increasingly excited about adding products. Every product that we've launched, and will ever launch will stick to our vegan, environmentally responsible, and progressive philosophy of:
Performance Enhancing Plants.
Helio Bros:

Benton Munyan,

Miles Munyan,